Business in a Box

As a business coach and mentor during my entrepreneurial workshops in Worcester, I realised many people are skilled and want to start a small business but have limited access to tools, equipment and raw materials. Therefore I decided to create a box that includes basic tools, raw materials, instructional manuals and a guide to help them with the record keeping. Our boxes are both affordable and practical. While doing research I also realised that many parents look for entrepreneurial ventures for their money but also for their kids to learn entrepreneurial skills.

With its variety of boxes with the high rate of unemployed people during the COVID-19 pandemic, more citizens are looking at starting up a business in South Africa. The business in a box is ideal for anyone, whether you are young, retired, unemployed or looking to earn an extra income. With the extra income people can create a sustainable income and help themselves get out of debt and help build sustainable and self sustaining communities.

Perfume Starter Kit - R1 391.20

For as little as R1391,20 you can start your own Perfume Brand. Everything you need to get started in the box.


For R2431,20 courier costs are excluded. You can start your own Perfume + Lotion Brand.


With as little as R3200,00 you can start your own Barbershop. All the equipment you need is in the box.

CAKE DECOR - R7 328.00

From R7328,00 you can start your own Cake Decoration business.

PHOTOGRAPHY - R16 044.00

Get your Photography Starter Kit for only R16044,00. Training & Business manual included.

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